First Blog Post

Jul 8, 2019
By Kevin Bai2 min read

Hey! We’re Bamboo Studios, a digital design agency located in Thunder Bay, ON (and soon Waterloo). I’m Kevin Bai, and I recently founded this agency at the end of June 2019. My goal is to help businesses gain their footing in the digital world so they can reach more people and become better engaged with their customers online.

I’m a developer at heart. I love spending my time learning the newest programming language or creating a new app. Over the past few years, I’ve made several apps and websites for businesses and for fun.

As a developer who created lots of user interfaces, I became passionate about design. I loved exploring how I could create visually pleasing interfaces and provide great user experiences in my apps and websites.

Lastly, I’ve always liked entrepreneurship because of its potential to create a positive change in the world on a large scale. It’s actually one of the reasons why I began programming in the first place - I wanted to be able to make my ideas come to life.

Combine development, design, and entrepreneurship, and you get Bamboo Studios - a digital design agency that creates lasting digital experiences for businesses. I cannot wait to continue doing what I love through Bamboo Studios.

Written by Kevin BaiJul 8, 2019